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 “We See You” Futures Day @ Deutsch LA

In 2018 while at Deutsch, there was an opportunity to work on creating an event that welcomed the diverse, talented, and up-and-coming advertising professionals to the agency. The event was dubbed FUTURES Day because this group of exceptional stars was the 2018 Class of ADCOLOR FUTURES.

What does it mean to be part of ADCOLOR FUTURES? According to the definition on their website: ADCOLOR FUTURES is a unique program that is dedicated to identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders in the advertising, marketing, media, and public relations industries.

I JUMPED at the chance to connect with them. Why? Because they were like me. People of color, people who are underrepresented, and at times, alienated in the advertising industry. This was no regular brief but it was one that I would pour a my heart into, resulting in one of the most proudest moments of my career and most meaningful work I created at Deutsch LA.

The ask was a unique one: Create an entire day of activities using the agency space that connected to the ADCOLOR CONFERENCE theme: Moment of Truth. The day had to be welcoming and inclusive. And the cherry on top? It should also be interactive AF.


This was our theme.

Being seen is crucial to every person of color in this industry. Why? Because for way too long, it has been dominated by straight white males.

There is an inherent erasure that happens when you don’t check that box. Click to see how the inspiration for the day came together.


The day.

FUTURES Day was composed of a series of events, all tailored to being and feeling seen. From a welcome breakfast that included a variety of foods to mentoring moments that allowed the agency to connect with the FUTURES on a deeper level. Any agency can put on a presentation, but we wanted to do more than just talk.

We wanted to listen.

The day’s events were all named with the WE SEE YOU lens:

  • We See Your Soul - a portrait of each FUTURE

  • We See You On The Map - FUTURES pinned themselves in their hometown or the place they feel most connected to, anywhere in the world

  • We See You In Ourselves - Mentoring Moments with Deutsch team leaders to address anything the FUTURES were struggling with or just needed to say

  • We See You Create - FUTURES had a chance to pitch a campaign for an unlikely product (like a sock)

  • We See You Buttoned Up - This moment was about the FUTURES making buttons with the “I SEE YOU” or “WE SEE YOU” message to pass on to their peers

  • We See You Make Moves - A listening party made up of the FUTURES song selections. We asked them to share the song that makes them feel seen or hyped up at the beginning of the day. Then, made a mix for their happy hour mixer. It was an intimate and joyful end to their day at the agency.

In culture, “I see you” is acknowledgment. It’s praise. It’s support.

It’s compassion and understanding. It’s all love. It’s all good.

When people of color may have felt invisible in the past, now they are finally being seen.

Let’s bring that into our home, right here at Deutsch for our ADCOLOR FUTURES.

The future cannot be predicted, but if you look closely at the present,

You can see the potential that will shape the future to come.