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According to HBO clients, all below campaigns performed well above their benchmark.                   To top it off, they loved the work so much that it brought repeat business for returning seasons.

Real Time with Bill Maher

HBO ushers in the return of Real Time with Bill Maher on Inauguration Day via Snapchat.

The ask: HBO wanted to promote the new season of Real Time with Bill Maher via Snapchat on Inauguration Day 2017.

How it worked: Finding strong moments in Bill's previous season that may appeal to the Snapchat audience, we added platform-familiar elements to make the content feel as native as possible.

Users who had activated their location on near the event contributed their own snaps to the event's live story. The end result was a story told from a community perspective with different point of views, in this case pro/against Trump with our disruptive ads sequentially and strategically appearing in between. 

The content ads were viewable on Snapchat's 2017 Presidential Inauguration Day live story on Friday, January 20th. They were also the only ads running on the story as HBO had an exclusive advertiser sponsorship.  

Agency: TVGla

Role: Senior Copywriter

Delivered on: Concepts, copy and creative direction

Vice Principals

HBO teases the dark comedy of "Vice Principals" with social media campaign

The ask: HBO approached us to create some digital content in order to hype up its new show, Vice Principals, a new dark comedy starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. The premise of the show is about two Vice Principals, Neal Gamby and Lee Russell, who are fighting for the school principal position at their high school. 

Concept: We decided to come up with two content ideas for these characters that focused on demanding respect for their current role as Vice Principals since they were probably upset that principals get more respect and attention. 

The first phase was creating a series of letters listing their demands for respect as well as the establishing a new holiday for vice principals called Vice Principals Appreciation Month. These were to be a clarion call for organizations who could help and targeted also to groups of people who were marginalized and disrespected, such as Juggalos. The client paced these letters out on their Facebook and Twitter platforms. 

The second phase was releasing 10 Reasons to Appreciate Vice Principals as video content. These were inspired by Buzzfeed listicles but had a ridiculous feel to them. We captured the tone of the characters and brought their dark humor to our fans in small increments week by week.

Client: HBO | Agency: TVGla | Role: Senior Copywriter

Delivered on: Concepts, copy, creative direction 


insecure small.jpg


HBO taps Snapchat to launch its breakthrough series "Insecure"

The ask: HBO tasked us with producing Snapchat creative for its new original series, Insecure.

How it worked: Breaking down the show's traditional trailer and other snippets, we developed three 10-second pieces that delivered the premise of the show to potential new fans using typical Snapchat/internet lingo, such as #TFW.

The ads were strategically designed to feel organic and integrated with Snapchat, while still leaning into Issa Rae's personality. 

The final ads promoted the series premiere on the Discover page and between user stories.

Agency: TVGla | Role: Senior Copywriter

Delivered on: Concepts and copy, creative direction