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Spike TV Paramount Network


Agency: TVGla

Platforms: Digital and broadcast

Role: Senior Copywriter

Delivered on: Concepts and copy, including scripting infographic videos

Telling a sensitive story with tact, respect, and raw data to convey real emotion

The Ask:  Spike TV was readying to launch TIME: The Kalief Browder Story, a six-part documentary series on Spike about a 16-year-old student from the Bronx who spent three years in Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime.  Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter partnered with Spike for a landmark television event which premiered on March 1st, 2017. 

How it worked: Using Kalief's story, we were tasked with promoting the series while giving the audience the facts about the current state of the justice system in America. We created a national PSA :30 spot, a series of video infographics for social that complemented our digital banner campaign. It was shared on Spike's website as well as their Instagram and Facebook channels.

Truly one of the most touching and rewarding projects I've ever had the pleasure of working on.

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