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The Female Quotient

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The Female Quotient Chatbot

Female empowerment at your fingertips

Women often need advice on how to best navigate the workplace. However, it's not always accessible. The Female Quotient Chatbot makes it accessible to everyone with a device such as a laptop or smartphone.

To give you some background, The Female Quotient is a business that is in the business of equality. It was founded by Shelley Zalis, a powerhouse leader who is also the first female chief executive ranked in the research industry’s top 25. She was tired of not seeing women represented at events like CES, Cannes, and the World Economic Forum. Shelley decided to kick off her Girls' Lounge initiative which was the antithesis to the well-known "Boys' Club" that runs rampant across the largest industries. It became a place for women to share thoughts with each other and feel supported.

The Female Quotient bot was inspired by the work Shelley does in real life: provide access to real mentorship and empower women across industries. Gathering real advice from real women in their respective field is what Shelley does best, as she is highly connected to a massive network of professional women.

The Female Quotient library breaks down this real advice into bite-size content pieces that the bot then serves for the user based on their questions. You can ask about a variety of topics including work/life balance, knowing your worth, owning your brand, leadership and equality, and navigating challenges.  

As lead copywriter on this project, I developed the bot's voice based on Shelley's personality which embodies unapologetic confidence. Much like a trusted mentor, the Chatbot will always encourage you to go after what you deserve without fear. At the same time, every response is infused with compassion and care, helping users connect to its relatable personality. 

In the end, the bot connects women of all levels and backgrounds with powerful knowledge from female leaders anytime, anywhere. Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger made the bot instantly accessible. Available on both interfaces as of June 2018.